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About the project

The project “THE FUTURE IS OUR JEWEL” brought together 6 associated professional schools around jewelery training, but whose cultural, heritage and professional histories are diverse. This is why one of the needs was to highlight the diversity in the world of jewelry, so that these diversities become resources of common wealth, learning spaces and opportunities, with the result of obtaining good personal and professional projects from our respective jewelry students, target group of the project.

The life of the project was affected by the Covid 19 Pandemic and the resilience of the  participants, students and teachers came though.

A fundamental pillar was promoting Sustainable Jewelry and solutions for the implementation of new sustainable work models that offer an ethical and fair jewellery prepared for the future and the demand more awareness in the sector related to the ecological trend. The project lasted 40 months. Its objectives and the applied didactics, made it possible to teach essential knowledge and techniques for the consolidation of student learning, their personal development and their future work.

More than 500 students were involved. Taking into account the European identity and territory of today, we consider that it is impossible not to accept diversity in the teaching of the same profession. That is why another fundamental point will be the ethical values ​​such as equality, tolerance and union.

From the alchemy of these four pillars, equality, sustainability, union and tolerance, we combine the 4 natural elements (Water, Air, Fire and Earth) where the essential natural materials for the jewelry practice are obtained, within these 4 pillars artethe past, present ant future which represent the three phases of the Project. We link them to our 4 pillars, IGUALDA(gua)D / SOST(ierra)ENIBILIDAD / UNI(fueg)ON / TOLERA(ire)NCIA where the raw material and the idea of ​​the project, to make us especially aware of the concepts of union and sustainability, under the protection of jewelry.

The work program was related to the 4 types of activities that correspond to the 4 multidisciplinary phases and methodology for the implementation and management of our strategic association:

1) RESEARCH and in-depth study of materials and concepts related to the themes of each year, the jewel of the past, present and future, always following the Sustainable Jewelery approach.

 2) CREATION OF JEWELRY taking into account the contribution of the diversities and particularities of each country through an active and open methodology, from the idea to the production, guided by the teachers, as a personal development of the personality of each student.

 3) CREATION OF CATALOGS of selected pieces (252) with the aim of informing, disseminating the creations made, emphasizing the European dimension of the project and the importance of the contributions of each partner.

 4) EXHIBITIONS and collective presentation of selected pieces. Every year a large traveling exhibition was held on a monthly basis in the other parnership schools, exhibited in different exhibition spaces.

The project included training mobilities for students whose added value was related to the resources provided by each partner and the creation of an environment in which it was possible to exchange, share, debate, develop good and new practices, more techniques in carrying out sustainable jewelry.

The results were divided into concrete and intangible in the teaching staff, the students and the schools and that lead to an internationalization of the centers. The impact has been observed first in the participants who obtain new skills and can compete in the labor market as future professionals, in schools giving greater visibility, new relationships with centers and companies in the sector, institutional recognition of the work carried out and training of quality related to a new European identity and at a European level thanks to the extensive international networks of the partners. The coordinating Escuela de Arte 3, has been awarded the 2021 National Craft Award to a Public Entity, for its work for years in favor of the transmission of knowledge, concepts and values ​​in favor of teaching excellence in the field of Artistic Crafts.

In addition, to ensure that it can produce benefits and be used in the long term, even in the countries not directly involved and also after its completion, the website and all the results will remain operational after the closure of the project, allowing through the links  all stakeholders and partners can to communicate, share ideas, propose improvements,  update innovative methods and why not, create relationships for other projects.