About the project

The project “THE FUTURE IS OUR JEWEL” brings together 6 partner schools around a common formation in the creation of jewelery, but whose cultural, heritage and professional histories are multiple. That is why one of their needs is to highlight the diversity in the world of jewelery, so that these diversities become resources of common wealth, learning spaces and opportunities, with the result of obtaining good personal and professional projects of our respective jewelery students, target group of the project.

A fundamental pillar will be to promote Sustainable Jewelery, a concept with which we intend to raise awareness and inform all participants of the bad practices that are committed in the jewelery sector, whether in the environmental field or social ethics, promoting solutions for the implementation of new more sustainable work models that offer an ethical and just jewel, prepared for the future and the demand of a sector more aware and related to the ecological trend. The project will last 3 years, through them, the didactic, will teach essential knowledge and techniques to consolidate student learning and their future work.

Our primary objective is to be able to involve as many students of jewelery as possible (minimum 600). Taking into account the identity and the European territory of today, we consider it’s impossible not to accept the diversity of techniques and ways of learning from the same profession. That is why another fundamental aspect will be values such as equality, tolerance and union.
From this alchemy of these four pillars, equality, sustainability, union and tolerance, we wanted to combine the 4 elements (Water, Air, Fire and Earth) where the purest materials for jewelery are obtained, and we relate them not only because the 4 elements are past, present and future as the three phases of the project; we relate them because we wanted to link them with our 4 pillars
E(arth)QUALITY/SUSTA(ir)INABILITY/UNION/TOLE(wate)RANC(fir)E where the raw material and the idea of the project are combined, in order to raise awareness especially with the concepts of union and sustainability, within the Jewellery sector.

The work program during the three years of the project is related to the 4 types of activities that correspond to the 4multidisciplinary phases and methodology for the implementation and management of our strategic partnership:
1) RESEARCH and deepening on materials and concepts related to the themes of each year, the jewel of the past, the jewel of the present, the jewel of the future always following the approach of sustainable jewelery.
2) CREATION OF JEWELS taking into account the contribution of the diversities and particularities of each country through an active and open methodology, from the idea to the production guided by the teachers but as personal development of the personality of each student.
3) REALIZATION OF THE CATALOGUE with the aim of informing through writing, spreading the creations made, emphasizing the European dimension of the project and the importance of the contributions of each partner. It will be a common catalogue, made at the end of each year, with all the jewels selected for each itinerant exhibition.
4) EXHIBITIONS and collective presentation, between 15 and 20 jewels will be selected in each school and each year there will be a large exhibition of jewelery that will be moved every month to the other partner schools so that all the members can exhibit them.

The project also provides training mobilities for students whose added value is related to the resources provided by each partner and the creation of an environment in which exchanging, sharing, discussing and developping new practices and techniques in the realization of sustainable jewelry.

The results of the project will be divided into concrete that is all the achievements and creations made and intangible, that is all those that the project will achieve in the teaching staff, the students and the schools and that will lead to an internationalization of the centers. The impact will be seen first in the participants who will gain new skills and will be able to compete in the labor market as future professionals, in schools with a quality training related to a new European identity and at European level thanks to the broad international networks of the partners.

Sustainability is a fundamental pillar and is integrated into all stages of the project through the use of sustainable materials in research, the creation of jewelery, the catalogue and itinerant exhibitions.
In addition, to ensure that it can produce benefits and they could be used in the long term, even in countries not directly involved and also after its completion, the website and all results will remain operational after the project closure to allow all stakeholders and partners to communicate with each other, share ideas, propose improvements and update innovative methods.

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