2018 - 2019, KEPKA-­DIEK of Volos Municipality, Our work

KEKPA-DIEK Jewels for 1st Year Travelling Exhibition

Considering the theme for the first European Travelling Exhibition of the erasmus+ project ”the Future is our Jewel”, which was ”the water” in relation with the ”past” our students got inspired from the vast Greek Tradition in jewellery.

In addition after our visit to the Archaeological Museum of Volos they have made a research with their History of Arts teacher and there teachers in design and jewellery about the materials used at ancient time in our area.

So in their jewels they used materials like water worn pebbles and glasses, sea shells, bone and metals like copper and bronze, oxidized or not and less silver in order to give a primitive appearance in contemporary jewels inspired by the past, which can be wearable today!

Photos ”in Black and White” by the students of Photography Department of V.T.I of Volos Municipality (KEKPA-DIEK)